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Intellectual Property and Information Technology

KILE PARK offers a full range of IP/IT services ranging from patent, litigation, acquisition, licensing and enforcement to developing and executing marketing strategies with respect to IP/IT as well as patent and trademark prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We assist clients in identifying proprietary market segments, analyzing IP/IT positions of competitors, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' positions and evaluating the effectiveness of those positions. We assist clients in identifying opportunities in market segments worldwide. In addition, we conduct audit studies and evaluations for clients of their current IP/IT positions and we develop comprehensive media and publicity campaigns to enhance industry awareness and value of the technology. After creating demand, we help clients to target companies or financial institutions to structure joint venture agreements, research & development contracts or licensing programs, and thereby effectively manage a client's IP/IT capital assets.


The firm utilizes its closely affiliated firms to assist in developing worldwide IP/IT strategies, with special emphasis on the EU, Brazil, Japan, Korea and China. In the rapidly evolving IP/IT segment of the worldwide legal arena, the firm is well positioned to provide timely and up-to-the-minute legal and business advice.


Corporate, Finance and Securities Transactions

The KILE PARK members are experienced in sophisticated corporate transactional matters, and offer the client an unusual blend of legal know-how, with particular emphasis on international arrangements. Each KILE PARK attorney brings a peculiar skill to the Firm that makes it more than the sum of its parts. KILE PARK's partners currently offer capability in such diverse areas as the establishment and financing of startup enterprises, the negotiation and implementation of investment guaranty contracts, the international protection of intellectual property and the prosecution and defense of international commercial arbitrations. KILE PARK partners also have extensive experience in commercial real estate and corporate lending.


By virtue of a related consulting firm, Intracon Associates, LLC, the firm members are also in a position to provide business advice and assistance lying beyond the scope of services traditionally provided by law firms. Such assistance would include establishing and molding new corporate structures, as well as venture capital service.


Antitrust, Regulatory Affairs and Agency Relations

Headquartered in Washington, DC, KILE PARK members represent many decades of hands-on experience in the statutory and regulatory processes - including judicial challenges - of the U.S. government. In addition, our lawyers have over thirty years of antitrust litigation and counseling experience, in regard to US and foreign issues.


In most cases, that experience was derived from government service, and the Firm's principals and affiliates include alumni of seven federal agencies and several judicial clerkships. Our member Joel Davidow has over fifteen years experience in the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice Antitrust Division, including as Chief of the International Antitrust Section of the Department. Clifford Williams, counsel to our firm, has years of antitrust experience with a major firm in New York City.


Each attorney brings to bear a variety of contacts and relationships both inside and outside the federal government to render governmental advice and client representation efficiently.


Our recent cases include successfully defending against antitrust counterclaims in worldwide patent litigation and representing plaintiffs in achieving substantial settlement in damage actions against foreign and domestic cartels.


The Firm also maintains a significant capability in environmental law and regulation, focusing especially on their international manifestations in trade policy, and is qualified to advise overseas entrepreneurs in the identification and resolution of environmental pitfalls in doing business and investing in the U.S.


Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Litigation and Appellate Review

KILE PARK is broadly experienced in litigation and dispute resolution, with an emphasis on competition matters, general business, and commercial cases, product liability, information technology and intellectual property. Members of the Firm have "behind the bench" experience from the trial level at the United Stated Court of Federal Claims to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to the Justice Department to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Firm has litigated cases in Federal district courts and State courts throughout the United States in matters of significant importance, both as to issue and amount in controversy.


In addition to formal litigation and appellate review, members of the Firm have handled major arbitrations both domestically as well as internationally under the American Arbitration Association, Stockholm and International Chamber of Commerce - Paris rules, and have lectured extensively under the aegis of the United Nations constituent organizations.


International Trade and Investment

KILE PARK members and affiliates have had extensive experience in representing and assisting U.S. companies interested in competing in, or expanding beyond the United States, ranging from establishing export markets for manufacturers products and technology licenses to providing industrial construction services and technical assistance in connection with the construction of industrial facilities. KILE PARK has also represented and assisted such companies in the negotiation of both project and export financing from international financial institutions, from U.S. and foreign state lending, credit and guarantee institutions, and from private sector investment and commercial banks.


KILE PARK has also represented and assisted companies headquartered outside the United States in marketing their products in America. The Firm provides counsel in identifying and negotiating with potential investors or joint venture partners in the United States and in procuring goods and services from U.S. and European sources.

Intellectual Property




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