Bundled Services

First, you benefit from legal services bundled together specifically for technology companies and institutions. Washington, DC offers more than a boutique IP firm, adding true trial know-how, business acumen, North and South America, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East expertise, international trade, and corporate services. We also offer more than the diversified practice of a large general practice firm - in the sense that less is more. By eliminating services unneeded by technology companies and operating within our innovative firm structure, we reduce overhead, back office expenses, and inefficiencies that can compromise the cost-effectiveness - and quality - of legal services.


Industry Specialization

Today, the business of technology company is complex - pressures for maintaining market share, expanding revenues, developing innovative products, and outperforming the competition. The industrial expertise of Washington, DC's senior lawyers gives us the background to understand the business issues affecting our clients.


Commercializing Technology

We offer clients a service of developing and executing marketing strategies for their technology. We help clients identify proprietary market segments and evaluate their technology positions and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. We assist clients in creating their own worldwide position, and then enhance industry awareness and valuation of the technology. To maximize a client's intellectual capital assets, we also assist in structuring joint venture, R&D, and distribution agreements or licensing strategies.


Expandable Resources

Big cases, particularly technology litigation, patent infringement litigation, product liability, and construction contracts, require considerable firm resources. Through our collaborative structure and use of advanced technology, Washington, DC marshals needed legal expertise and staff support without maintaining a standing army of associates and staff. Also, given the results-oriented, contingent-fee expertise of our trial counsel and our counseling experience, we practice sound case management to achieve the business objective. By focusing on results, we can better control staffing and resist excessive, unproductive legal process. We also take full advantage of the efficiencies of expert support services.


Partnering with the Client

At Washington, DC, partnering is more than a buzzword. Typically, a case involves working as a team with experts from within the client's organization: in-house counsel, business, technical and financial managers, and logistical staff. Trial lawyers typically work this way, and our trial expertise at Washington, DC serves us well in this respect. We also know from our partners' personal experiences about the necessity of close collaboration with in-house counsel to achieve client objectives. We consider partnering a shift in thinking from the practice mode fostered by the traditional pyramidal law firm; one we encourage through our contemporary firm structure.


Business Acumen

We believe you will benefit from our approach to solving your problems and achieving your objective. First, our objective is to understand our client's business and think as our client's do - in terms of market forces, competitive pressures, and business trends. By understanding your business objectives, we can appreciate your priorities. Next, Washington, DC partners bring a strategic perspective to technology clients. Since some of our partners have been in-house counsel and outside general counsel to major multinational companies, we have experience working side-by-side with senior executives and in-house counsel. We therefore fully appreciate your prospective and seek to satisfy your objectives as opposed to just legal process.


Counseling & Strategic Advice

In-house general counsel tell us they need strategic advice in today's business environment. Washington, DC provides this important strategic counseling through senior lawyers who work directly with you. We use our experience and understanding of your business to manage your legal affairs entrusted to us to prevent potential problems, reduce your exposure, and formulate creative solutions to achieve your business objectives.


A Contemporary Firm Structure for Delivering Our Services

To further benefit our technology clients, Washington, DC has departed from the traditional law firm structure, which we believe is ill-suited for providing value in today's environment. We have designed a firm structure that truly facilitates the delivery of productive and efficient services - a decentralized, collaborative organization that aligns our interest with yours. Washington, DC recognizes companies' dissatisfaction with the excessive leveraging and hourly billing that rewards unproductive work and generates a fees-regardless-of-results mentality. Our structure has been developed to focus on results. Our internal incentives and accountability mechanisms in particular encourage lawyers in different offices to collaborate on client matters when expertise or support is needed. We, therefore, achieve efficiency and act in concert with the business objectives of our clients, rather than with indifference to them. In short, with our practice paradigm, we believe we can deliver the best quality legal product, client service, and business acumen attainable in today's competitive environment, in a cost-effective manner.


Power of Technology

Technology has reversed the advantage in law practice. As a lean firm without large firm bureaucracy, Washington, DC can quickly evaluate and adopt useful advances in technology. Clients can expect greater efficiencies, increased productivity, and, most importantly, a better work product because of our responsive network of enhancing client communications and collaborative work among our offices. We accomplish this both through our internal operating system and through external systems that directly affect client matters. Washington, DC uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the value of our services. The Firm uses advanced, high-speed computing equipment, advanced network connectivity to integrate our offices, various database engines, and updated word processing and voice transcription software. We use expert providers, within our office, for litigation support, documentation management, imaging, and other value-added services.

We have identified nine distinct ways that you or your business can benefit from what KPGRM has to offer. These benefits include, but are not limited to: