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Barbara A. Falkner


Georgetown University, M.A. National Security Studies


Carnegie Mellon University, D.A. Mathematics


Univeristy of Illinois, M.S. Mathematics


Purdue Univeristy, B.S. Mathematics

Dr. Falkner specializes in patent application preparation in the mechanical arts with a concentration in mathematics and algorithms. Dr. Falkner is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Northern Virginia Community College and served in various industry and government positions including Director, Strategic Offensive Forces Division, OD(PA&E); Operations Research Analyst, Strategic Offensive Forces Division, OD(PA&E) and Chief, Soviet/Warsaw Pact Aerospace Forces Branch, Defense Intelligence Agency.


Dr. Falkner was graduated from Purdue University, B.S. in Mathematics, with highest honors, 1963; a M.S. Mathematics, University of Illinois, 1964; a D.A. Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University 1974 and a M.A. National Security Studies, Georgetown University 1985.

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